Goldmark City

Eden Landscape design the Landscape Goldmark City project – a self-contained urban complex is built on an area of 12 hectares. This is one of the most biggest real estate projects in Hanoi with the serious investors.

Eden has researched and developed the concept of a unique space, appealing through the living habits and economic conditions of the people of Hanoi. Here, in addition to designing a lot of trees, green lawns, Eden also designed squares with different names such as: water plaza, Rubi plaza, Saphir square … The squares will be the places of many activities for the community, there is a playground for children, a quite area for the elderly, there are spaces for youth and organizing event destinations.

Specially, shaped art is applied to many areas of the project, we want this project to become a gallery of artistic value,unique landscape and modern equivalent projects in the world. Bringing the spirit of Singapore in the project is the purpose of Eden to create a life of clean, beautiful, dynamic and civilized population.

With over ten years’ experience in landscape design, Eden Landscape confirmed Goldmark City project is Vietnam’s most beautiful scenery and will be a name to experts mentioned when talking about the urban landscape.

Goldmark City office, residential and service complex

Viet Han Trading - Advertising - Construction - Real Estate Co., Ltd

Ha Noi

120 000 m2


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