Cuu Long Ecotourism

The planning of Cuu Long Ecotourism was designed by Eden Landscape to be a tourist destination full of Kinh Bac culture which would be a famous project in Tu Son town.

Bac Ninh is a land of traditional essence where was the roundabout and inheritance of many cultures. These cultures greatly influenced on the customs and habits of Bac Ninh people. From cuisine, lifestyle, religion to architecture was inherited the personality and typical style of the northern delta countryside in Vietnam. Based on the researches of indigenous culture, architecture, Bac Ninh people Eden Landscape was inspired to design Cuu Long ecotourism site. We exploited all the quintessence of Kinh Bac’s land and to create unique landscape accents.

Cuu Long Ecotourism

Cuu Long Limited Company

Bac Ninh

5,29 ha