Hung Temple

Renovation of  Hung King temple (from the main entrance to Den Gieng Cross Road)

Eden Landscape JSC has cooperated with Mr. Nguyen The Khai, the Chief Architect who is in charge of the Plan “Expansion of Hung Temple boundary and connecting closely Hung Temple with Viet tri so as to offer Viet Tri as a unique festival city”

The boundary is considered from the entrance to Hung Temple (Nghia Linh Mountain) and Cong Quan Hill to Den Gieng Cross Road with total area of 2198 square meters and total road’s length of 750m

Eden landscape JSC has proposed a Renovation Solution as follows: Expansion of several stop places on the road line to create well – aired open space, these created spaces will bring the visitors a place to stop for rest and time to enjoy a view of lake and valley in their presence. Embankment system is redesigned based on softness of natural terrain with the shape of traditional terraced field of Phu Tho midland. Verdure part of this area is designed as a forest of diversified and special Lat Hoa tree (Chukrasia tabularis). This kind of tree not only stands up high and creates very beautiful and airy canopies above, but also creates a lot of shade below so that visitors can take a rest under. In the summer, the sunlight is lightly gone through Lat Hoa canopies, creating sparkling images which augment fancifulness and super nature of Hung temple.

The entrance area of Hung temple will be renovated by growing a Green tree cover. This will bring the new scenery for the entrance to Hung Temple and total landscape for Cong Quan Hill. This renovated area is connected harmoniously with the space of ceremony celebration ground underneath

Hung Temple, Viettri city, Phutho province, Vietnam

Phu Tho People Committee, Management Board of Den Hung Temple

Phú Thọ