Royal Park

Landscape design of Royal Park project is a combination between the cultural elite and the touch of human senses.

Lotus is a symbol of Vietnamese culture. Lotus leaf images combined with architectural design language has made contemporary Vietnamese substance in Royal Park landscape. Beside that, we put people as a main subjects in the context to create a masterpiece of landscape architecture which can touch every human senses.

Royal Park landscape includes landscape of ground floor and roof of A building. The main idea is taken from Lotus leaf which is ethnic quintessence. Eden Landscape architects use that symbol to create a “landmark” for landscape of the ground floor. In the Lotus yard, a Lotus Leaf pavilion system is designed impressively and vigorously as a common playground for everyone. Next, there are freshly strolled walkways and relaxing bench where residents can connect and exchange information everyday. Bamboo garden, children’s playground, swimming pool are designed privately and safely. Smart designed sunshades, open space systems can connect landscape facilities and make more landscape space for ground floor. Along with Lotus Leaf idea, Eden Landscape has used the main green tree system including barringtonia, palms trees, areca palms, bananas combining shrubs such as water hyacinths, ferns, lotus, and water lilies to create the characteristics of the project.

The roof floor has long shape so it is very difficult to create a centralized space. Eden Landscape architects took the idea from emotional chain. The beginning of the emotional chain is “Ca garden” which designed to evoke Vietnamese folk’smaterial. Under the fish – trap pavilion is the ideal tea space. Bringing up the sublimating feeling is the “Huong garden”, where the visual sense is awoken, sight is opened with lake view. The end of the emotional chain is the settling, calmness in the soul of the Zen garden. All landscape details are stylized from traditional objects: fish trap, flat palm hat with fringes,… Besides, Eden Landscape also used local material such as terracotta bricks, flower tiles, potteries, arecas, bananas, lotus,… The emotional chain awakens the human senses to feel a peaceful space, mingle with nature and relax amidst the beautiful landscape of roof floor.

Royal Park

APEC Group

Bac Ninh

7 571 m2