Tay Thien Spot, Vinh Phuc

Landscape Design of Services and ceremony celebration axis at Tay Thien Spot

Located within Tam Dao legendary region, Tay Thien is recognized as major symbolic tourist area of Vinh Phuc Province. Taking place annually, Religious and Folk Festivals has attracted a huge number of tourists to Tay Thien.

The project “Construction of Services and ceremony celebration axis” is the first project in Master Project of Tay Thien Spot. This axis has covered an area of 27,7ha with length of 1560m crossed Dong Thong Stream. Dong Thong is a stream which flows from the top of Tay Thien.

The axis’s design has been performed by Eden Landscape JSC based on natural blend between Buddhist Thought and traditional color of Mother Worship. The construction of the axis is considered as initial steps to specify festival culture’s contents for Tay Thien Spot Overall.

Ceremony Celebration Axis consists of 6 main parts: Receiving; service area, spirit gate, procession axis, ceremony celebration ground and Bao An Pagoda. The tourist has chance to experience adjustment in emotion, wiping out dust of life to attend in traditional and historical festival in Tay Thien Spot.

Concept design of the axis is to reappear the beautiful scenery seemed only in the legendary with a system of Lotus Lake, Scenery garden, large waterfall and 18 wooden towers engraved Legendary story about Tay Thien – A place is regarded as the first Buddhist center in Vietnam.

This project has been performed based on the corporation between Eden Landscape JSC and Architect – Nguyen The Khai– The most famous Architect in Vietnam for designs of Spiritual, historical and cultural works

Tay Thien Spot, Vinh Phuc, Vietnam

Vinh Phuc People Committee, Tay Thien Tourism Development Investment JSC

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