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Eden Landscape considers landscape design is a life theory, an endless expedition of the space limits, a revolution of changing and exploring the deep beauty inside the nature.

Our experience obtained from the trekking in the most remote areas to the travel in the most developed cities over the world has brought us much amazing emotion for our creative design.

With regards to each project, we always propose the most suitable strategy through professional approach, unique idea and synchronized solution which has created such impressive result for the projects. The adaptability to the difference in architectural styles, land terrains, climates, soil types, the diversity of cultures and the characteristic of clients is our background for the development of Eden Landscape services. The availability to cover from hectas projects to meticulous tasks with the the smallest structural details has resulted in different products well constructed in reality.

Besides professional team, we always receive support from a strong group of partners in Vietnam as well as from all other countries in providing the solution for materials, equipment, plants… to cover the quality and price in order to ensure the absolute feasibility of projects.

During nearly 20 years of building and developing, Eden Landscape has taken part in consulting, designing for hundreds of projects alongside Vietnam, wakened, rehabilitated many projects in risk of bankruptcy and brought back the prosperity to the client. We always make the strongest commitment about our dedication and professionalism to create our and your success.





A. Ideology system:

- Our mission:
Creativeness to make beautiful and sustainable landscape.
Increasing the value of the project based on different design idea.

- Our vision:
Becoming the most strategic partners in landscape with real estate companies inside and outside Vietnam.
Successful building up landscape “ecosystem” in order to bring out perfect landscape service with the most suitable cost for the project.

- Our design fundamentals:
E. Ecological – Establish the ecological environment balance, create surplus values and sustainable benefit for projects.
D. Different – Difference in design make the world more interesting.
E. Emotion – Landscape design is considered emotion design.
N. Native – Treasure native values to create characteristics of every country.

- Our target:
Landscape company having the largest number of project well constructed in Vietnam.

B. 10 action philosophy:

1. Don’t say the reason – Just result

2. Don’t say “if” – Just say “and”

3. Don’t argue-Just solve the problem

4. Don’t be self-proved – Just be dedicated

5. Don’t say – Just act

6. Don’t criticize – Just advice

7. Don’t stop – Keep moving

8. Union is strength

9. Punctuality

10 Increase values

C. Creativity philosophy:

Concept of landscape architecture

Landscape architecture is an artificial environment to establish architectural, ecological, cultural, social, artistic, experienced environment in different perspectives and within various convention. Results are transferred, perceived and interacted between human beings and flora and fauna. With human, landscape design is an art of space and time performance which has good impact on visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, feeling operation to transmit the idea of architects to conscience and subconscience of the receptors.

Concept of landscape marketing

Landscape marketing in landscape architecture is a science researching and developing the trend in using facilities and utilities outside the building. Landscape architecture provides people the most basic values as well as advanced values in urban activities.

Creativity philosophy

1. Not only do we design landscape but we also design love, create experience and bring emotion to your living environment.

2. Not only do we create landscape but we also build up culture of every land, create interesting experience and waken humans’senses.

3. The journey of creativity is such a long one with endless desires for living paradise for human.

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