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Established officially in 2005, Eden Landscape is proud to be among a few pioneering companies in Vietnam in the field of professional landscaping design.. The combination between the KNOWLEDGE of local material and culture, HIGH INNOVATION with modern landscaping solutions from advanced countries has created a characteristic design style of Eden Landscape. We always provide successful advice to investors in Vietnam in respect of the most optimized solutions on basis of our best skills, practices and experiences accumulated for years in the field of landscaping design and construction.

Eden Landscape staffs are always regarded to as a play team of creative style, cooperation and strict compliance with tactics, in which, each member is an individual personality and has his/her own tasks to perform while all of team members are on the same boat toward future goals.

Eden Landscape desires to collaborate with domestic and foreign partners in Landscape and other related areas. Recently, we have cooperated successfully with major university to establish landscape workshop for students in the North of Viet Nam.

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A. EDEN values:

- Our mission: 
Develop the value of everywhere we come and help people happy with the nature.

- Our vision:
Locate Vietnamese landscape architecture in the global map. 

- Our core values:
E. Eco (Ecological và Economic) 
D. Different 
E. Emotion
N. Native 

- Our target:
Become one of the best landscape companies in Vietnam with 3 criteria: Culture - Sustainability - Efficiency 

B. 10 action philosophy:

1. Don’t say the reason – Just result

2. Don’t say “if” – Just say “and”

3. Don’t argue-Just solve the problem

4. Don’t be self-proved – Just be dedicated

5. Don’t say – Just act

6. Don’t criticize – Just advice

7. Don’t stop – Keep moving

8. Union is strength

9. Punctuality

10 Increase values

C. Creativity philosophy:

Concept of landscape architecture

Landscape architecture is an artificial environment to establish architectural, ecological, cultural, social, artistic, experienced environment in different perspectives and within various convention. Results are transferred, perceived and interacted between human beings and flora and fauna. With human, landscape design is an art of space and time performance which has good impact on visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, feeling operation to transmit the idea of architects to conscience and subconscience of the receptors.

Creativity philosophy

1. Not only do we design landscape but we also design love, create experience and bring emotion to your living environment.

2. Not only do we create landscape but we also build up culture of every land, create interesting experience and waken humans’senses.

3. The journey of creativity is such a long one with endless desires for living paradise for human.

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