Catwalk Garden

Participating in the international landscape contest International Garden Festival in Québec, Canada with many strong teams attending from more than 30 countries such as USA, Italy, France, England, Switzerland, Korea … Eden landscape was the only representative of Vietnam to take part in this competition with the idea of Catwalk Garden. The garden is rectangular 10mx20m in Jardins de Métis project of Canada. Catwark garden would bring visitors new sense of modern gardening when thinking out of the normal rules of traditional gardening to reach the human’s emotion. When visiting any traditional garden we wonder “what are we doing with the nature? We kept making it beautiful to see and keep those images in our hearts, but whether we do or do not feel the interaction between us and the garden?”. When walking on the “red carpet” of Catwark garden, hearing the crunching noise coming from the brown ceramic pebbles, we would realize where we are standing in the garden, we are shining with our steps and the garden is watching our steps.

As walking on the path created by crunching brown ceramics, we would realize the garden is making us stand out. The garden is watching our footsteps and our emotions should give to the garden like in a catwalk show.

Unfortunately, this time Eden landscape didn’t get the prize because it was competitive with so many talented designers in the world and this was also a completely new experience that had never operated in Vietnam.

Through this contest, Eden landscape could confirmed that landscape design is emotive design. The experience gained from these competitions was expected to bring new experience for Eden landscape architects and therefore bring more values to customers.

Eden Landscape