Goldmark City

Eden Landscape design landscape of Goldmark City – a residential complex built on an area of 12 hectares. This was one of the major real estate projects in Hanoi with a serious investment for landscape of TNR Group.

The purpose was to provide maximum landscape space and public playground for Goldmark City residents. Eden Landscape designed the landscape with four large squares including: Ruby square, Sapphire square, Water Field, Light square. Each square had a symbol, a nuance for residents to choose for themselves a space to play and relax.

Ruby square was designed as a giant Ruby with 11 tree towers, from 3.3m to 5.4m height, reflecting brilliantly sunlight by being assembled from thousands of mosaic pieces, creating sparkling colorful artwork. Sapphire had an open and gentle space with many colors. Inspired from the shape and light of sapphire stone, the pavilion of sapphire square was designed by dedicate slice of materials with 35 tub-benches tiled blue pottery on the surface, planting many kinds of flowers inside.

At water field, Eden Landscape designed cool waterscape with the vibrant sound of waterfall and fountain to create a fresh and youthful feeling. The square has 5 powder-coated steel pavilions and styled paving stones inspired from the sound of water. The size of steel pavilion was from 4 to 7m height. The unique combination of water columns, lighting and flora species provided a relaxing and comfortable feeling for the residents.

If you want to have a colorful experience, Goldmark City residents could look to the Light Square, where trees were designed alternating between tall trees, thin foliage, lowland trees are planted into large carpet interwoven with green grass. Light was displayed throughout the space from the paved stone to the seating and the lights. Each area was designed with different lighting to create impressive performances. The squares were connected by the Festival Road – where the activities will take place on the occasion of special holidays and events.

With this design concept, Eden Landscape has helped Goldmark City achieve the record of the largest apartment complex in Vietnam by the Vietnam Record Organization (VietKings). This was not only an honor for TNR Group and their project, but also a goal that we were always aiming for. It was the landscape design that made the difference for real estate projects, shaping the style, providing landscaping facilities for residents.

It was because of the great investment in the landscape that Goldmark City has set the Vietnam property award 2016 with the category of the best luxury apartment in Hanoi. The market is considered the most beautiful city in Vietnam – a name that was always mentioned by professionals when talking about urban landscapes.




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