The first impression of Green Park that everyone could easily notice was the waterfall combining with large water tanks. It was the impression that has created a unique landmark for the building and urban beauty. Because, according to the opinion of the East: Water is the fortune. Therefore, the waterfall was designed not only to suit feng shui but also to increase the prosperity of the land.

The western façade of the building was planted with 2 shade trees for shade to the west during the summer

Bluestone paving was designed by Eden Landscape that changed color from dark to light, creating richness and lightness in color transitions within each area of public space.

Not to mention the unique feature of “Vertical garden”, Eden Landscape used green material in a flexible way, making the project look different.

The entire space was a breath of fresh green grass, like a picture drawn from a beautiful fairy tale.


Constrexim - HOD

Ha Noi