Landscape design of Yet Kieu roundabout

Yet Kieu roundabout is located in the entrance of Ecorivers, connecting the project with the main road of the city. At this location, Eden Landscape designed a water lily landmark. Water lily is a flower blossoming at sunrise and sleeping at sunset. In many cultures, water lily is the symbol relating to powerful sun. This flower with Vietnamese ceramics created a meaningful landmark showing the honor of traditional values and also suitable with the development orientation of eco city.

The landmark of water lily was designed with 6m wide at the bottom and 8 m wide at the top when flower blooming, concrete inside and outside was covered with national ceramics. Located at one of the city intersections therefore the landmark was carefully arranged lighting system. Traffic lights and decorative lights were settled to make the water lily more beautiful at night.

Urban embellishment works

Ecopark Hai Duong Investment JSC

Hai Duong City

12 m high