Nam Minh Phuong urban planning

Nam Minh Phuong new urban zone was 54,34 ha located in 2 wards: Minh Phuong and Minh Nong, Viet Tri city, in the north is Minh Phuong I new urban zone, in the south is route 32C; in the east is Hop Phuong, Cao Dai (Minh Phuong ward), Minh Bot (Minh Nong ward), the west is Lien Minh (Minh Phuong ward) and No Luc village (Thuy Van ward).

The planning idea of Nam Minh Phuong was inspired from the image of dragon which was gentle and flexible. From this inspiration, the architects created a river gently flowing alongside the topography of the project which helped to create beautiful landscape spaces. Not only a cultural image of Vietnamese, the river connecting with every zone to create a lot of riverside villas. Villas adjacent to riverfront shall have good air conditining and become a good place for marina, sightseeing and fishing. Especially, the river with dragon shape is considered a good furtune which will help to bring good luck for residents of Nam Minh Phuong.

Nam Minh Phuong New Urban

Licogi 14., JSC

Phu Tho

54.34 ha