Tara Residence Park

Located at the front of the residence, Tara Residence Park project contributed to the architectural space of Tara Residence. At the same time, providing residents with a peaceful and intimate community living space.

The structure of the park was designed to be soft, harmonious with nature. The concentric circle was the highlight of the park’s central scene inspired by the tears that Quan Yin Yin fell to humanity to give birth to the god Tara according to the doctrine. Facing the center of the park was a relaxing space with ecological lakes, promenades, huts, this place is very quiet. Many trees were like a very quiet forest, this was the ideal space for people to regenerate energy after a long day studying and working.

Along with that, the functional space was clearly defined, such as play area for children, relax area for elderly people, space for movement, quiet space. Selected materials were simple in color, in harmony with nature, close to the lifestyle of the local community of Ho Chi Minh City in general, residents of Tara Residence in particular.

Trees in the design were designed to favor natural and blue preferred species. Ho Chi Minh city was hot and humid all year round, so shade trees were used a lot, however only using species with neatly open canopy to ensuring the aesthetic and coolness of the park.

Tara Residence Park

Song Ngoc Garment Company Limited

Ho Chi Minh city

5.000 m2