Yen Binh Eco Villas planning

Yen Binh Eco Villas is planned on an old tea hills, owns a position with a beautiful natural landscape, surrounded by existing hills and natural streams. Taking this advantage, Eden Landscape designs the project in the model of a resort villa with soft lines creating a peaceful, gentle and ecological living space. Along the road are rows of fruit trees and green tea hills that bring relaxation feelings whenever you step into the project. There, residents could experience a full range of facilities such as sports space, walking paths, service center… The highlight is the stream flowing through the project which is expanded and reshaped by our architects to make a romantic landscape along the villas area.

The harmony between the green landscape and the waterscape helps create a true ecological resort.

Yen Binh Eco Villas planning

Xuan Cau Company Limited

Ha Noi

6 ha