Gamuda Gardens – The Edge 2019 Prize

Gamuda Gardens where Eden Landscape designed the landscape of The Zen Residence, has won the property award – The Edge 2019, Malaysia.

Through serious evaluation process, Gamuda Gardens (Hoang Mai, Hanoi) of Gamuda City project won the category “The Outstanding Overseas Project Award” developed by Malaysian real estate developer, Gamuda Land.

Every landscape design of Eden Landscape is a story and the story of The Zen Residence’s landscape is “Zen”.

Living in a vibrant city like Ha Noi, we have many opportunities to develop our career. However, we also have to overcome many pressures; many difficulties in life and after all, we all need a peaceful place to come home. That is the motivation for Gamuda Land together with Eden Landscape to develop a “Zen” residential project.

The whole landscape of the apartment building was designed as a small natural world. In the lobby area, landscape was designed gently with lush green trees and many colorful carpet flowers. This is a warm greeting for residents when they return to their cozy home. In addition, the mini scenes were designed to create a unique landscape point, and show the style of project as soon as approaching. Especially, to create more powerful atmosphere and eye-catching space for the commercial lobby, Eden Landscape designed a lively waterfall and koi fish pond. The sound of murmuring water, fish swarming up and down, together with the flowers created a 4D space, stimulating the human senses of hearing, seeing and feeling, bringing more positive emotions to visitors. Moreover, the benches are reasonably arranged to provide public space for people to rest and connect with each other when participating in activities at the shopping mall.