Ben Bac urban planning

Ben Bac new urban zone, 9.94 ha was located in Tam Thanh ward, Lang Son city. The target of planning adjustment was to build urban infrastructure works and public technical infrastructures in order to form a closed, modern and beautiful urban area suitable to the overall development planning of Lang Son city till 2025.

The planning still kept the north – south road connecting 2 main streets: Nhi Thanh and Ben Bac with 22m width. This main road divided the project into 2 parts: active and less active zones.

Luxury residentials were villas and houses adjacent to central stream park. They were located arround the land toward north to south as a barrier for existing houses surround planning area. This closed residential area shall be good for management and security. The style of villas and houses was modern style in the harmony with landscape. The central park was designed with gentle languages. The stream gently flowed under walkways, relaxing spaces were located among the green trees, together creating peaceful scene like resort space. Small parks and garden in the middle of residentials were kid playgrounds and outdoor workout spaces create a dynamic living environment.

The design strategy is reserving, improving and promoting values of pure water flowing from Nhi Thanh cave. The water was changed direction into the center of the project with gentle style winding along the topography with mini scene and green trees to create a nature-friendly and human-friendly landscape.

Ben Bac New Urban

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Lang Son

9.94 ha