CT3 Apartment

CT3 Apartment is located on the corner of Park CT3 southwest Linh Dam Lake, the north by North Linh Dam expanding zone (X2); the east by the urban roads green area 11.5 meters wide (CX4); the west by internal street 13.5 meters wide with high-rise building (CT02)

The project shared many modern facilities with completed Linh Dam model urban site such as infrastructure, traffic roads, communicating system, commercial services and entertainment. With 70 ha lake and green trees around, CT3 would become one of the greenest projects in Hanoi.

Eden Landscape was pointed to design the whole landscape of CT3 with the idea of greening the area around the buildings. The architects focused on developing more green area with public faclities (pavilions, benches…), playground and green parking plot. The landscape was designed to be open and connected between the project and the whole South An Khanh. The area seemed to be expanded and citizens would live in harmony with nature.

CT3 Apartment, Ha Noi

HUD3 Investment and Construction JSC

Ha Noi