Dai Lai Paradise

The lake is located in a super green area. At the north of the lake is blue, majestic Tam Dao mountain. Three sides around the lake are hilly slums and Than Lan mountain, which are connected by permanent dams to create solid banks for holding water. In the rainy season, water from rivers and streams in the south of Tam Dao mountain like: Vuc Tuyen River, Ton River, Ba Ha River, dong Cau Stream, Dong Chao Stream…flows into the lake, causing the lake water level to be rising up to 21m.

The surface of the lake is not only calm and blue but also silhouettes the sky and mountains. Boating on the lake will help people reveal a lot of interesting scenery because natural valleys and bowled hills and wild canyons make up the waist, and diverse peninsulas. There are small islands in the lake such as the bird island, the island of Pearl.

Every afternoon, white storks flying back to their nests in the sunset reflect in the lake, the birds are coloring in the pine forests, all become a more attractive invitation to tourist than that of anywhere…Around the lake is the greenness of 9,000 hectares of protection forest. The blueness of deep lake, the greenness of forests, the far deep beauty of mountains with cool breezes give visitors the feeling of being immersed in the peaceful nature, enjoying the rare peace and comfort there.

Another interesting thing is that being covered by Tam Dao mountain, the severely cold wind of winter cannot get to the lake area, where the average temperature in is 28.90 C and in winter is 16,80C. Such weather is very convenient for people to relax at the weekends, whether in hot summer or cold winter.

Dailai Paradise, with a total area of about 33ha, is located on the shore of blue Dai Lai Lake. Currently Eden landscape is implementing the phase 1 of it project by constructing Hong Phat villa with luxurious but cozy style in the main street and wild style in the coastal area.

During the design process, Eden landscape is very interested in the going up and down of water, in the regulatory process and coastal landscape. Eden landscape has made landscape solutions to adapt to natural conditions here

Dai Lai Paradise, Phuc Yen, Vinh Phuc province, Vietnam

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