Ecohome Phuc Loi

Designed in 2016, the landscape of Ecohome Phuc Loi was one of the most outstanding landscapes in the north east area of Hanoi that satisfied EDGE standards.

Project included of 1st floor landscape and roof top landscape with different utilities in order to maximize landscape space for residents. Playing as the face of the project, green first floor landscape was designed by Eden Landscape landscape company to give feelings of relaxing, gentle when entering the Ecohome Phuc Loi. Along with that were the modern landscape facilities such as outdoor swimming pool, children’s playground, landscape tree, rest chairs, playground, promenade, pedicure, basketball court … Details Décor landscaping such as pavement, sink, benches are also carefully designed to create unique accents in the landscape.

Although there are many strengths but the project was located near the cemetery of Phuc Loi Ward, this would affect the landscape as well as the quality of life of residents. To overcome this weakness Eden Landscape has come up with a solution for green trees. At the front of the project where the view towards the cemetery architects design green fence with multiple layers, located in the population having both shielding power and a green facade. Along with that, the pool area of the sky was also designed with the system of classy trees creating private space and shady environment suitable for swimming and playing activities of the residents.

If the first floor was the face of a project that provides landscaping facilities for multiple objects, the roof area was a family-friendly landscape. Here, Eden Landscape designed three main functional areas including BBQ garden, children’s play area and old people exchange. The stools were individually designed to suit the function and age of use. The children’s playground is equipped with a variety of mobility equipment along with a dynamic design language. Providing dynamic space that stimulated the mobility of the child. Around the playground was planted many trees and arranged rest chairs, provide rest and care for grandparents, parents. Each shaded area was planted around the playground, creating shade, and at the same time shielding the wind and sun from the playground providing safe and fresh playgrounds.

Eden Landscape Ecohome Welfare Urban Design provided residents with a great green-and-happy living environment.

Ecohome Phuc Loi

CapitalHouse – TDT Jsc

Ha Noi

8 142 m2