Ecorivers Hai Duong’s Central Park

The 7 ha central park with a large water surface, was a good opportunity for Eden Landscape to create “Green flow – Peaceful life” in Ecorivers Hai Duong new urban area. The design idea is to organize the spaces having clear functions and being suitable for the general orientation of the city. Eden Landscape designed the Ecorivers Hai Duong central park into four main functional spaces: playground space, event space, square space, relaxing space. In each space, the architects designed many unique landscape subdivisions with many modern landscape utilities to meet the living needs of urban residents.

Water lily is an elegant flower blossoming when the very first sunshine touches the land and closes when sun sets. Water lily often appears in Egyptian legends or in Greek myths with the symbol of the powerful Sun God. Moreover, the sacred meaning and the heart of the urban area – Thai Duong lake, the water lily image became an inspiration for the Eden Landscape designers to design Ecorivers Hai Duong’s central park.

Each landscape space, architects designed many functional subdivisions, each subdivision had a specific role to meet the diverse needs of residents. In playground space, architects designed a large grass and many funny playing equipments. Furthermore, water lily leaf pavilion system was designed to provide as relaxing place for parents to join with their children. Toward the activity chain will be the sport ground with large, many workout areas and green trees creating an ideal space for outdoor fitness activities. The scenic hills were designed with grass and steps to create relaxing and beautiful views. This area was arranged with many green trees, especially the area around the playground, training ground, landscape hills, paths to suit outdoor activities. Shade trees were also strengthened in the area adjacent to the villa area to create a shielded green wall to bring privacy, reduce noise for the villas.

Next to playground is event space. In the design concept, the event space was a large landscape area adjacent to the edge of the lake and was designed into a lush green palm garden with walking paths and lake view lounges. Near there are brilliant flower beds of the rainbow garden. The heart of the event space is water lily square with an impressive design of water lily flower combined with Chu Dau Hai Duong ceramic. Eden Landscape designed an artistic waterground with modern beauty to create a lively square.

The second square is also the largest square of the project is water lily leaf square. Shaped like a giant water lily leaves, water lily leaf square is a highlight square for the project landscape. This is a place that connects the community and enhances effective social activities with large grass bed and beautiful landscape space. Next to this square, Eden Landscape designed a BBQ area designed for picnics.

Relaxing static space is designed at the end of Thai Duong lake, taking advantage of the two sides of lake view, suitable for designing private static spaces and to design an aquarium lake. The walking paths were designed in harmony with the landscape space, bringing people to quiet spaces such as yoga floors, viewing platforms, aquarium or resting at the artistic pavilion. Everything created an ideal relaxing space with natural environment for residents of Ecorivers Hai Duong.

Central park landscape design – Ecorivers Hai Duong Urban

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