Goldmark City Model House

Sapphire is the symbol of wisdom, power, victory and justice. People believe  that the sapphire makes people become calm, tame passion and likely impact on the flow of time. Sapphire’s structure is inspiration for the Eden Landscape architects who  design landscapes of Goldmark City.

Be subtle combination between building and landscape , the landscape of model house is a peaceful green space, relax. Located in special position, the model houses of Goldmark City are deep in the alleyway. To overcome this drawback, architects designed the alternating green carpet  decorated tree, creating green road.

A special feature of the landscape is the waterfall  with stone facing  sapphire crystal structure, visual attraction, evoking emotional conviction. Water creates the cool  for space and overall softness in the housing landscape. Moreover, the combination of sapphire  seemed to powerful and relentless stream flows will bring human mind relaxed and energetic.

Pavilion is designed meticulous and delicate by Eden Landscape architects, it was built by the diagonal connector like the close connection of  sapphire crystal. Not just a relaxing place,it becomes  a  artwork among gardens full of flowers.

CONWOOD frame is a detail to be mentioned by landscape architecture . To shield techniques box in the center of garden, it becomes perfect when served as an important landscape. It is the combination of improvisation with the intention of the diagonal, creating stunning architectural blocks. Along with carpets of flowers, vines and benches of sapphire blue  will increase the efficiency of interaction between landscape and people.

Engineers  selected meticulously  clean trees and express the spirit of Singapore in the landscape. The large leaves shade trees, large canopy as Cau Vua, Bodhi white, eagle Taiwan, … are used, the shrubs and flower carpet as dates, apricot pink, yellow dust areca, banana colon firecrackers, Shining daisies, light pink, sky green peppers … Engineers distribute trees tocreate lush tropical gardens full of vitality.

Goldmark City home landscape  not only meet the needs of landscape and outdoor gadgets, it was a masterpiece of landscape by Eden Landscape Design. Bring a sparkling model to project Goldmark City.

Goldmark City office, residential and service complex

Viet Han Trading - Advertising - Construction - Real Estate Co., Ltd

Ha Noi

2 540 m2