Hac Vien

Located in the center of Thanh Hoa city, with an area of about 30ha, the park was the first specialized cultural and historical garden of Thanh Hoa province. In 2005, based on the planning of Ho Thanh Park of Vietnam Urban Architecture Joint Stock Company, Eden Landscape developed inspiration based on folk legends about the crane. In addition, the project combined the elements of music with the ecological landscape, which was also an interesting experience of the landscape design team.The mound was rectangular, in the middle there was a large lake of about 10ha, including a main gate and an auxiliary port. From the main gate and the secondary gate there were pathways leading to the middle of the lake, the middle of the lake has a small island, on the island there was a formation meaning “The bell tower”. The bell was a legend of the sacred crane herd, which flying through the city of Thanh Hoa, then landed and formed the land.

In the Crane theme park, the service functions in the park were named and shaped based on the crane, such as Crane swamp, Crance swing, Crane bridge, Crane stall, Crane sculpture garden, Crane village, Crane tree trim garden.

In the park we would see a mix between real and virtual, stimulating the imagination of people, children would find useful lessons about nature, wildlife, .At 9 o’clock, the light from the island blossomed, four symbolic cranes on the island dancing around a bell, from which came the echoes of the magnanimous bells of Trieu Thi Trinh, Le Hoan, Le Loi, Dinh Cong Trang … reminded of the merits of the people who contributed to the independence and sovereignty of the nation. An elaborate piece of music by late musician Thanh Giang has taken us from the past to the present of the land of Thanh Hoa: sacred land people live peaceful, looking forward to the Ma river bending sediment bag. Looking green land soaring up the moon dance. He’s a long river on the river … oh ….

Hac Vien

People's Committee of Thanh Hoa City

Thanh Hoa

30 ha