HC Golden City

HC Golden City’s landscape is an intersection of history and modernism that Eden Landscape architects showed through the visual arts, art-deco.

This project is located in Long Bien district, close to Chuong Duong and Long Bien bridge, at the other side of Hong River but very close to Old Quarter. A location having relationship with the soul of Hanoi, which is a meeting point between an old Hanoi and a new Hanoi strongly developing to the other side of Hong river. This place is where Hanoian get their emotion in daily life, and remind them of the past and look forward to a dynamic, modern life.

Eden Landscape architects inspired from “Interacting Sound” with the desire to bringing the projects’ residents a space full of energy and humanity. Moreover, the purpose of landscape design is not only to make a greener life and more utilities but also bring endless inspiration to life. We bring the spirit of old Hanoi full of exquisite, elegance interfere with a new dynamic and modern Hanoi through the historic bridge. Therefore, the project became a special place worth living for Hanoian.

The space for landscape is not too large, so Eden Landscape took care from the very small details to create a “tailor” fit for the project. Art Deco is dedicatedly applied from the paving to the steel frame, flower trellis, pond layout, planter pots, chairs,… to create beautiful, romantic, luxurious and inspirational gardens.



HC Golden City

Hung Cuong Construction Investment & Trading Joint Stock Company

Ha Noi

19.744 m2