Home City

Eden Landscape is proud to be landscape designer of Home City 177 Trung Kinh including ground floor landscape (lobby, kinder garten and barrier) and 4th floor landscape which is communal space for Home City’s residents.

The main design comes from contemporary inspiration which makes Home City a modern and luxurious residential space. Eden Landscape architects would like to open space in front of the lobby to connect it with Nam Trung Yen Park in the opposite side.

The architects put much effort on designing kinder garten landscape to create an ideal educational space for children. Landscape design is close to the nature with creative playground where children can learn, play and enjoy natural space. That ensures a sustainable development in the future.

Instead of boring cement barriers, Eden Landscape architects make use of water overflowing walls (small watefalls) and soft green fences around Home City to create more relaxing and artistic living environment.

Communal space on the 4th floor is also a modern and emotional landscape. Open environment with stylized characters from Home City symbol are special impression of the design. Paving materials are also carefully designed with sudden emotional patterns creating visual interests for visitors. Moreover, communal floor has enough facilities for every age from relaxing space for the elders, playground for children to sport center with wimming pool for youth.

Home City is expected to be a new symbol of happiness and warmness in Hanoi.

Home City, Ha Noi

Van Phu - Invest Joint Stock Company

Ha Noi

6500 m2