International West lake high rise – Nirvana

Project International West lake high rise is located at No. 18, Thuy Khue Street, Ha Noi. The total area is 2916 m2, landscape area is 2208 m2.

Eden Landscape – Landscape contractor designed this project with a purpose which would  drive the real estate market awareness to higher standards in landscape spaces with the “landscape marketing” which has been bringing true values to investors and their clients. The phrase “landscape marketing” has been invented by architect Le Tuan Long and developed recently.

  1. SWOT analytics
  2. Strengths:
  • Beautiful location, inside a large landscape area of Ha Noi.
  • Modern building design, advantageous for landscape design.
  1. Weaknesses:
  • Small area, limited sight view, low standard buildings in the surrounding.
  • Huge system of columns cause suffocating feel.
  • Inappropriate traffice arrangement.
  • Only one way in from Thuy Khue street.
  1. Opportunities:
  • The building is a landmark for the whole area
  • A design that can tranform “the impossible” to “ the possible”, creating strong creativity in order not to make the residents feel like living in a small street.
  • A design can transform weaknesses to strengths.
  1. Challenge
  • To create luxury, elegant, comfort in a narrow view sight.
  • Rearrange traffic to be more flexible but not to affect underground level. To overcome disadvantages from old traffice system.
  • To create more green area, more spaces for playground.
  1. Group of five main solutions:
  2. Covering the traffic area with natural landscape
  3. Columns system will be blended into the landscape, every column will be an old tree in the forest
  4. All view from inside to outside to green space
  5. Intelligent planning for parking area
  6. Using local materials but still keeping it luxury, high standard and Asian

International West lake high rise – Nirvana

International West lake high rise company

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