La Casa Villas

Located in the heart of Hanoi, La Casa Villas is a special project with extremely favorable position. It is an unique architectural characteristics with basement is connected to first floor to form a duplex and entire first floor is dedicated for the green landscape. This is important prefixes that inspire Eden Landscape’s architects create a impressive spatial landscape.

We have designed the project landscape like an oasis, with beautiful and green image. To provide residents living here a modern life, amenities and utilities. Gives them a feeling of peace, happiness every time they return to their apartments.
A major difficulty is the land for the project’s landscape is only 38%. Meanwhile, both projects are in the areas of infrastructure is not uniform, it is quite far from the park An oasis is great idea for the project. Have any solutions to solve these problems?
Through analysis, the architects came up with the plan “Green Vision” consists of five solutions: Road green walk, roof gardens, vertical gardens, green gadgets and lighting, natural ventilation given density green space of up to 89 % project. Flower beds, lakes, trees, footpaths are allocated from the tunnel up to the roof of the building, enhanced usability and create living spaces clean and beautiful for the residents living here.
Landscape creating an image for the project La Casa Villas, a green oasis in the heart of the capital. Shaping unique lifestyle only for residents living in the project.

La Casa Villas, Ha Noi

RITM-MEKONG Trade Company Limited

Ha Noi

7019 m2