La Co Square

About 80 km traveling from the western north of Hanoi, Viet Tri City is culture – rich place in the North of Vietnam. In 2013, there were 300,000 populations with big demand of public services and urban facilities. Therefore, the government invested to renew and develop main roads and public sites for the usage of citizens.

Van Lang Park is located in the center of Viet Tri City which plays as atmosphere balance system, cultural park and entertainment site for not only citizens but also travelers from other places to visit Hung Temple.

The project is about 3ha with 600m long around big lake, which is considered the most beautiful site in the city.

The idea of landscape design comes from ancient Van Lang culture in Phu Tho Province with the image of palm trees, ceramic boats with cultural patterns. The cultural inspiration and modern technique are combined successfully to create a new appearance for the center of the whole city.

La Co Square

People’s Committee of Viet Tri City

Phu Tho

18500 m2