La Saveur

La Saveur de Hoa Binh is an eco-resort project in the surburb of Hanoi having the most beautiful landscape design, which was designed by Eden Landscape from early stages of project development with Hoa Binh Petrol Ecology Urban.,JSC (HBE).

Behind the gate of La Saveur de Hoa Binh is a romantic space of the French neighborhood. The project’s design language is a delicate combination of French and ecological styles to create a song with many different emotions. With an area of 60ha, the project was divided into 5 main subdivisions named after the beautiful flowers typical of the land of love, including: Rose (rose), Orchid (orchid flower), Mimosa (virgin flower), Iris (iris flower) and Lavender (lavender). In the Rose and Orchid zones, due to the steep and constantly changing topography, the architects of Eden Landscape made used of the terrain to “soften” the topography and create special landscape. The dam at the large lake was designed to become a walking path with flowers trellis; along the bank of small lake is a system of terrain promenades, sightseeing points and panorama view bridges.

Versailles garden – a special garden inspired by the palace garden of Versailles in France. The garden was designed in a symmetrical axis to create an airy, clean space with organized trimmed bushes. The highlight of the garden is the decentralized large square axis with carefully calculated open and closed spaces; the end of the garden is made up of large pillars of a French, reflected in the still water and embracing the garden.

At the high point of Mimosa is a French castle and French rose garden. Inside the garden, visitors can feel the scent of flowers and admire the beauty of the whole project at different times on European watchtowers.

Landscape design of La Saveur de Hoa Binh, Eden Landscape has turned the difficulties of the mountainous terrain into opportunities. We created unique flower valleys in the Lavender zone. Due to steep topography, landscape architects had a solution for embankment with a variety of colorful flower hills in the form of gradation to hold the soil better and take more advantage of the land to make landscape more interesting. Especially, in La Saveur de Hoa Binh, Eden Landscape designed the first eco swimming pool, organic vegetable garden and French vineyard together with the wine cellar in the Northwest region to bring unique travel experiences and the most relaxing moments for residents and visitors.

Located right next to Dong Chanh Lake, the Iris offers a gentle, ecological space with wide grass bed and flower fields, at the same time, a joyful and vibrant environment with resort standard activities such as marina, outdoor wedding reception space, kayaking …

In addition to the modern facilities that the investor brings to the project, Eden Landscape wishes to create a romantic and pure landscape for La Saveur de Hoa Binh. The landscape of the project is created as a symphony bringing unforgettable emotions to people.

La Saveur

Hoa Binh Petrol Ecology Urban.,JSC (HBE)

Hoa Binh

60,62 ha