Lang Co 3 regions rural market

Lang Co green village resort in masterplan of Resort A – Lang Co ecotourism and international resorts. Cho Que 3 Mien (3 regions rural market) is designed in 2006 which is a combination among architecture, natural landscape and culture. This project is designed as a service center which provides tourists with 3 regional cuisines of Vietnam.

The design idea come froms modern and traditional styles which makes tourists feel both comfortable and simliar with traditional 3-regions markets. The project is made from “rural” materials which are carefully created to be more modern and elegant.

Moreover, the project is also designed with solid structure, non-burning roof materials to adapt to climate changes such as hurricane, storm.

This project is one of the most attractive destinations in Lang Co green village resort.

Lang Co 3 regions rural market

Lang Co green vilage J/V company