Tokyo restaurant, Vinhyen city

Tokyo Restaurant is formerly Phu Quy restaurant. It is built to become a Japanese-style restaurant, right on the shore of Vac Lake of Vinh Yen City to attract Japanese experts who are currently work in Khai Quang industrial park. In addition, this is also a nice place for visitors from a variety of places to enjoy.

Eden landscape has designed this restaurant with very a bold idea, which is to make a unique style for the work. The land has an aid gate, which helps to isolate the parking lot with the restaurant. Guests of the restaurant have to go up the bridge and then go down to the courtyard. This idea has saved a quite large area of the parking lot and created a strange feeling for the guests.

Main dining rooms are directed at the Japanese-style rock garden in the middle, under the basement is a bar, and a small aquarium in the bar makes a strong impression on the people in the bar. The second floor is a large dining room with interior design is made under Japanese style. Sitting in the room and looking outside, there will be a rock garden, with a down-flowing waterfall, forming a small stream flowing towards the lake in front of the hatch. The long row of dining rooms is layout close to the water’s edge with an open view of the lake and this help diners feel like they are sitting on a boat.

Some architectural details are composed based on the tradition of Japanese such as wooden lamps, railings, and the gate system. The Japanese-style landscape details such as glass sinks, garden stone, stone lamps are cleverly manipulated by Eden landscape in its design.

The total area of this restaurant is not large, just about 2000m2, but with the solution of dividing the space; we have a lot of architectural grades being blended and mixed together to form a scientific and sophisticated architectural complex.

Tokyo restaurant, Vinhyen city

Phu Quy Co.,Ltd

Vinhyen city

2000 m2