Parkview Residence

Parkview Residence landscape was inspired from the life of bees. As we all know, bees live in group and work in team. They have one of the best society in the natural world. Especially, the hexagon nest of the bee which is energy saving and space utilizing has been endless inspiration of many architects. Inspired from this, Eden Landscape architects used hexagonal structure to design different landscape spaces. The idea has dealt with the disadvantages of the project which is long and narrow.

There are 2 parts of the project the external landscape and internal landscape. The external is adjacent to the main road including the project icon, square, walking path, swimming pool with waterfall and café. Modern style with lively colors make the project really outstanding in the urban. The internal is invested in green spaces suitable for relaxing purposes. Besides green landscape, bee garden with many outdoor activities will be an attractive destination for little residents; BBQ garden will be an ideal place for family get-to-gather parties.

All space outside the building has been utilized and maximized the usage to create a modern green land for Parkview residents as well as contribute to the environment of the whole new urban.

Parkview Residence



10 558 m2