The landscape design of Seahorse Resort and Spa, NhaTrang started in 2015. The main idea of design is Marine festival with a diversity of creatures in different zones. The shades of festival are arranged deliberately to give tourists different levels of emotion so that they can relax not only their physical materials but also their souls.

In order to develop a luxury resort with special characteristics of NhaTrang, Eden Landscape architects make use of native elements in the design. Popular materials like stone, sand, pebbles, gravels… are used to create walking paths and playground. Moreover, the architects also take Cham culture as source of inspiration. From pattern to BauTruc material are carefully applied as one of the most charming impression of the project.

With regards to plants and trees, many similar project in this area haven’t had study about native creatures. It is considered as both opportunity and challenge for the architects because of the complexity of soil and terrace. Our green professionals put much effort to give suitable solution to create the harmony between construction and landscape.

Followings are some pictures of the project:


Hong Ngoc Viet Tourism Investment JSC

Khanh Hoa, Vietnam

20,3 ha