Son Tra resort

Son Tra resort & spa – Primitive Sunshine

Son Tra Resort resort & spa is located in a very privileged location. In front of it is the beach, behind it is the natural forest. The shape of the project is like a moon, with crescent white sand and clear natural stream flowing down from the mountain. The rocky terrain surrounding can help the resort avoid major storms every year.

The project has steep terrains, and this creates convenient conditions for the construction of the resort, spa and villas, with nice and clear vision. The project is divided into 4 zones, of which zone A has been built and put into operation, zone B is in the process of deploying, zones C and D are reserves for development.

Below are eight ideas for the design of Zone B of the project:

1. Make such structures as roads softer (creating soft and flexible and inspiring features) and the walls of talus (using geotechnical grass grid or other vegetables)

2. Thoroughly use of available natural materials such as stones (orphaned stones), tablespoon sea, wipe, pandanus …

3. Create a transition array from the natural forest (dense and many canopy) to the beach (wide and liberal). There are four basic types of plant layers:

– Dense and thick natural forest type.

– Isolated ecosystem with layers are leafy and evergreen trees. The big and small three are alternatively planted (in order to quarantine roads leading to the mountain and resort, and to make sure that transition would not cause sudden effects between the forest area and the project)

– Beach being covered with palm trees which are straight, with compact canopies, beautiful bodies. Below are natural strong shrubs.

– Type of stream ecology with many big trees, vines, suitable for wet environments along the streams flowing through year round.

4. Clearly classify two main routes:

– Transportation by tram – to ensure convenient link among project areas

– Walking along the coastal by wood.

– Connecting between these two routes are the walkway with stairs made of local materials such as natural stones mixed with herbs, to create a soft and high indigenous natural feeling,…

5. Propose proper solutions to stabilize the natural stream, split it into one main line and an auxiliary line. The blending in a unique way of he marine and forest landscapes constitutes the landscape for zone B.

6. The area near the villas should be close, friendly, gentle tropical while the one adjacent to the sea should be wild, inspiring and generous.

7. Create the core landscape area by building a large pool area combined with stream-cascade effect, which helps to bring about the vitality to zone A and zone B with daytime activities. The area for organization of outdoor beach party is to bring energy to guests in the evening.

8. Enhance decorative accessories and facilities such as leisure chairs, outdoor swings, huts, decorative lights… or friendly, natural, carefully crafted materials such as wood, rattan…

Son Tra resort, Da Nang, Vietnam

Son Tra JSC

Da Nang

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