Sonasea Apartment

Sonasea Apartment is located in Sonasea Villas & Resort, Phu Quoc. This is one of the most important positions, which is the impressive and attractive site of the whole project.

The designing ideas come from the name Sonasea. Sona in Hindi means gold so the word “sonasea” give us the imagination of the moonlight glistening on the surface of sea. It means that sonasea is a “moonlight sonatas” in the maverlous scene of Phu Quoc island. Eden landscape architects took the advantage of long coastal borders to build up an romatic landscape for the project.

The apartment faces to the East to welcome the very first sunlight in the early morning and our architects also designs a lot of greenaries and water to reduce the heat and radiation from the sun.

The main impression of the landscape is the pool area. Water comes from spring and small waterfall in the high area to the pool overflowing in waves, which makes us feel like ocean waves. There are many facilities around the pool area such as wooden floors where customers can walk around, sight-see, and relax. Besides, pool bar under the surface of water is also a highlight in this area. The landscape around pool area is also designed carefully providing a lot of facilities such as sand playground, big lawn area, walking areas, flower pots, benches along side walking areas…

In the center, there is a golden – ceramic lyre which is the symbol of love and romance. This part is not only a decoration but also a barrer between sidewalk and pool area.

Lighting system is focused in pool area, overflowing spring and fountain to create sparkling view at night.

Materials of landscape design mostly come from nature such as ceramics and natural stone with the cold main colors, which will help Sonasea Apartment become ideal relaxing site in holidays.

Coconut trees are domaint plant in this apartment because they grow well in on sandy soil and good salt tolerance as well as sunny habitat. Around the building are arranged planted fruit trees and shadow trees with bushes, lawns making vegetation interspersed canopy.

Sonasea Apartment, Phu Quoc

Site Asia

Phu Quoc

11368 m2