Sunset Town Phu Quoc

Sunset Town Phu Quoc is located in the golden land planned to be an international portal city (An Thoi, Hon Thom). This place is also the start of Hon Thom cable car – the longest three wire cable car in the world. Thanks to the topography back to the mountain and front face to the ocean; Sunset Town Phu Quoc will become the new economic and cultural center, bringing prosperity and vitality not only for the southern island but also for Phu Quoc in the development of economy and tourism.

When designing landscape of Sunset Town Phu Quoc, Eden Landscape inherits the master plan of WATG Singapore, and coordinating with Steadman in antique theming design. This is a typical model of international collaboration, when architects from all over the world are involved in the design.

Sunset Town Phu Quoc comprises a masterpiece Mediterranean-style shophouse and mini-hotel complex, which is the heart of Sun Group’s billion-dollar complex. Receiving trustworthy from the investor, Eden Landscape is the first domestic landscape consultant to participate in the design of Sunset Town Phu Quoc – the most important project in Sun Group’s entertainment complex. Compose a song inspired by Amalfi and beautiful beach of Phu Quoc. Sunset Town Phu Quoc owns Amalfi style with spirit of entertainment, shopping, festival. The project is a perfect puzzle piece for the tourist picture of Phu Quoc, bringing a new and extremely attractive experience for Asian tourists.

The landscape design takes an important role in exploiting the space for commercial purpose. The stairs are designed elaborately as miracle paths guiding visitors to explore many lovely shops. Each shophouse is effectively exploited by Eden Landscape in the front, back and side spaces to create more commercial spaces. Along the shophouse are busy traffic roads to take visitors to explore the bustling square and colorful courtyards. Visitors will have great experience when shopping and walking Sunset Town Phu Quoc, the shopping paradise between Dao Ngoc for the first time in Vietnam.

The construction area of the project is a steep terrain towards the sea, the whole landscape is naturally created on the rocks and hillsides. It is convenient to create a unique design with Amalfi spirit but also a huge challenge for architects when designing landscape of Sunset Town Phu Quoc. A lot of technical solutions are given to solve the problem. Stair systems combined with tree sinks are designed to deal with the steep terrain toward the sea. It creates interesting experience in the landscape when each location, each level can bring different feelings to the visitors. The stopovers are created where visitors can chill, sightsee and check-in in a beautiful Mediterranean-style landscape. The stair system is also calculated to create a reinforcement grid for the terrain, creating a solid structure to avoid landslides. On the other hand, the project is located on the western bank of the island, where the climate is harsh, often with big waves. To ensure stability, architects designed reinforced concrete embankment system. The embankment will protect the coast from harsh nature’s impacts and facilitate the design of a beautiful coastal promenade.

Sunset Town Phu Quoc landscape was built from the feat of Eden Landscape and the determination of the investor, Sun Group. The construction area not only has a complicated topography, easy to landslides, but also has a harsh climate, barren land, and difficult construction conditions. Therefore, changing the western coast of Dao Ngoc becomes a high-class entertainment area is the magnificence of Sun Group and the continuous efforts of the design consultants. It could be said that this is a typical project of perfectionism in landscape design. Nearly 3 years to implement a project with the connection between the investor and design consultant to find the perfectionism. The distance from Hanoi to Phu Quoc has never been a struggle for Eden Landscape. Our architects are always ready to stay at site to grasp the situation of each tree, each stone in order to solve any problems in the design as well as in construction. All changes at site are immediately captured and we will have the best suitable solution in technique and finance for the investor. Changes at site require the landscape design of Sunset Town Phu Quoc continuously adapt to new situation. This is a big challenge which is not suitable for all consultants, even experienced international consultants. It requires an understanding of the topography, geology, and climate of this, an understanding of the developer and their desire for a high-end project. Based on these understanding, the architects can make the idea come true through flexibility in design and professionalism in management capabilities. All demands are resolved quickly and efficiently without distorting the idea concept and making it more completed.

Together with consultants from all over the world, Eden Landscape has achieved to actualize the investor Sun Group’s dream of a “Amalfi town” picturesque in the paradise of Dao Ngoc, Phu Quoc.

Sunset Town Phu Quoc

Sun Group

Phu Quoc, Kien Giang

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