Tara Residence

Eden Landscape designe landscape of Tara Residence creating an image of apartment project with “Saigon characteristics”.

In 2017, Ho Chi Minh city was assessed by Jones Lang LaSalle group which operating in more than 80 countries around the world, as the most dynamic city in the world after Bangalore (India). With the ability to absorb, adapt and make good use of technological elements and innovation, Ho Chi Minh city quickly took the big steps in economic, political and social development. Along with these successes, the pace of life here was also accelerating and pressing. Therefore, the people here needed a peace to find the balance in life.

Understanding this, when designing the landscape for the Tara Residence project, Eden Landscape put high-tech elements, research, and appropriate landscape utilities. This gave the residents of the project a spacious, lush public space helping them to put aside the rest of their lives to rest and relax with their loved ones.

Tara Residence landscape included not only soft space structure in harmony with the nature of space but also clearly defined. The interior areas of the suburban area were designed with appropriate functional zones. At the same time the subdivision was designed to be reasonable by age and function as: play area for children, relaxation area for elderly people, space for movement, quiet space … Peaceful features were true with “Saigon characteristics” so the materials used by Eden Landscape Architects were simple materials, simple colors, in harmony with nature and close to the lifestyle of the residents here. As a result, green trees were also designed with a green preference. This, overcome the hot and humid climate of the city, has brought cool and peaceful space for urban.

Landscape design of Tara Residence stored “Saigon characteristics”.

Tara Residence

Song Ngoc Garment Company Limited

Ho Chi Minh

15 432 m2