TNG Village

Eden Landscape used modern language for landscape design of TNG Village. The purpose of landscape is to create open space, increase utilities for residents as well as provide apartment space a vibrant living environment and cultural fit to Thai Nguyen City.

Due to the limit of landscape space, Eden Landscape had reasonable solutions for the usefulness and the beauty of the space. The entire roof of the ramp to garage was adjusted to create green space. This area combines with the roof garden of service house to create a green view and open space. The remaining spaces of the project’s landscape were used to design children’s playground, artificial grass, climbing area and outdoor workout space. In these areas, green planters were placed joint to the wall to optimize space and increase utilities space. The tree tubs were specially designed with smooth surface to be used as benches for residents to rest, sight-see and look after their children.

To provide more outdoor landscape spaces for TNG Village, Eden Landscape also designed the rooftop garden. The garden would be an ideal space for residents in the afternoon and evening. At the garden, we designed yoga areas, mini golf courses, reading gardens, outdoor café,… Especially, Eden Landscape designed a vegetable garden for residents to take care and harvest. This would be an interesting area for residents, and also a place to help people get closer when together taking care of the garden.


TNG Village

TNG Investment & Trading Joint Stock Company

Thai Nguyen

2.800 m2