TNR Stars Thai Hoa

TNR Star Thai Hoa was located in the central position of Thai Hoa town, Nghe An province, which was very convenient to connect with main roads. The urban zone was close to the areas of service, commerce, sport, education, and spiritual culture…The scale of landscape are was up to 2ha with 4 zones among residential area, which provided full of facilities and meaningful social space for residents.

The design theory is to make every garden become outdoor space where people can play, exercise and relax with their family and enjoy life. Eden Landscape designed landscape of TNR Star Thai Hoa to create modern landscape utilities for urban residents. Gardens were designed with modern language, open space with diverse ecosystems. Especially, the design helped to create landscape architecture space of TNR Star Thai Hoa with high community connection.

At green area of Long Son 1, the name of project was used as an inspiration for Eden Landscape architects to create a square of stars. The landmark was star pavilions with outstanding yellow color. The reinforced concrete pillar was strongly connected with steel pipe system would the center for all activities in star square. Connecting with star square was rainbow square which was designed with many eye-catching colors. Besides, there was a multi-purpose plaza with water lily lake and artistic decoration. All made the landscape be modern and impressive and good entertaining space for residents.

More especially, at Long Son 3, Eden Landscape designed parks inspiring from discovery gardens for youth. Inside there was a dinosaur park with models of T-rex dinosaur, deinonychosaurs, alamosaurus. The astronomy park with sun clock, meteorites, science garden was an interesting space for children to explore and learn. In addition, the selected flora was mainly clean and neat plants which could bring modern and friendly space to everyone.

TNR Stars Thai Hoa

TNR Holdings Viet Nam

Nghe An

28,96 ha