Xanh Villas

Xanh Villas is located in the heart of the Hoa Lac – the largest satellite city of Hanoi, and adjacent to the extended Thang Long Highway with convenient transportation and less than 30 minute car ride from the center of the capital.

XanhVillas is under the orientation of space development of Hanoi with many underway national key projects. This is also the intersection of popular tourist areas, including Kings Island Golf Course, Ba Vi Resort, Dong Mo, Duong Lam ancient village, Kim Boi mineral spring.

Planning of Xanh Villas take a full advantage of an inherent natural beauty, the villas are arranged along the stream and green hills; the soft system of roads creates outstanding features, which are hard to be found in any other urban area. The villa area is a harmonious symphony of landscape, master planning and architecture.

To be exact, Xanh Villas is in Tien Xuan commune, Luong Son, Hoa Binh Province, which is now a part of Hanoi City, with an area of nearly 50 ha, divided into three zones, located in the valley with stunning views. Eden Landscape re-shaped the existing stream which flows next to the foot of the mountain into the middle of the valley, by designing continuous damns, creating a ladder to maintain water in the dry season and reduce flooding in the rainy season and at the same time creating a pivot modern, open public space,. Two sides of the stream are public works, promenades, rest places, stairs, decoration walls, frame of flowers and green tress, all of which create a uninterrupted string of break points creating a sonority of “Flow memories”.

This project is also a great symphony of pebbles. Such pebbles range from the large to small ones, being mined during the leveling process. Thanks to the creation of Eden Landscape they are applied for building steps, retaining walls, promenades, cluster miniatures, decorative accents, water japan basin, shallow streams…. and specially for restoring the featured image of palm trees of hilly area midland of Muong ethnic.

Taking landscape as a strength for green real estate development, Xuan Cau’s Green Villas project was honored to win the prestigious Vietnam National Real Estate Award 2018 in the category of “Best Green Building Project 2018”. This is a recognition for the enthusiasm of Xuan Cau investor and his ambition to build sustainable green buildings from natural materials, to create a civilized living environment and in harmony with the nature of Eden Landscape.

Xanh Villas, Hanoi

Xuan Cau Real Estate Co., Ltd

Ha Noi

50 ha