Zone A2 – Xanhvillas

A2 – Tien Xuan (Thach That – Ha Noi) belongs to the design chain of Green Villas project

Located on the main road leading to the villa Green Villas, A2 garden was a turning point at the crossroads, making the space diffuse softly as well as enhance the advantage of the public space.

Inspired by the twists and turns of concentric circles, combining illuminated curves along the promenade, the Eden Landscape Project Designer designed and built this work with the intention of creating a natural, harmonious division and an unique and attractive decoration.

In the space of the A2 garden, the combination of benches alternating with green trees – natural as an excuse, so that people can mix with nature, feel the scent of plants, mountains, watching the waterfall, listening to the the murmuring water flow. Wide open space brought a sense of peace and relaxation for people after busy labor, or sometimes it was a place for people to exchange with each other, chatting happily, connecting the community, bringing people closer together.

Zone A2 - Xanhvillas


Ha Noi

3000 m2