Landscape Design


With more than 10 years of experience in landscape design, Eden Landscape is proud to be one of the pioneers in landscape architecture in Vietnam. During 10 years, Eden Landscape experts have devoted to create many unique landscape projects from the North to the South. From the high rise buildings with limited landscape space to considerable resort and villas through hands, minds and endless passion of our landscape experts have become different and more valuable.

One speciality of Eden Landscape is the ability of localization. Every landscape project designed by Eden Landscape is the only one through the careful investigation of local materials, shapes and structure. The local element  is not only in difference, unique but also in the harmony with the local clime and environment.


Our landscape design services include:

  1. Concept design of landscape
  2. Schematic design, detailed design of landscape
  3. Construction design and finance estimation of construction design
  4. Localizing consultancy
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