60 Nguyen Duc Canh

The landscape at 60 Nguyen Duc Canh was designed by Eden Landscape in 2016 with a modern and simple style but very impressive. The whole landscape was researched and designed into many smaller zones providing diversity of landscape utilities for the residential needs.

The first floor landscape was divided into 3 main areas: orderly designed entrance – main lobby, secure and clean walkway – playground with full urban utilities, multi-playground flexibly designed for many residential activities.

The project was invested from the beginning so there were many advantages for the landscape design. Moreover, the area was quite flat and cleaned along with the modern building, which was potential for an impressive landscape. The entrance stood out for its modernly simple architecture, continuing with two gorgeous water fountains creating an exciting feeling. From there, the residents could reach the walkways around the building with many landscape utilities. The highlight on the first floor was the landscape of multi-playground. This site was decorated with a leaf – pavilion garden with unique artistic flower pergola creating a joyfully relaxing area. The playground was designated as a community space connecting all residents of 60 Nguyen Duc Canh.

Besides the advantages during designing landscape, Eden Landscape staffs encountered some struggles as well. The project was located in an old residence of outdated 3 to 5 level houses with chaotic architecture, lack of aesthetic which had bad effect on the image of modern city. To solve the problem, the architects came up with the idea of green fence. Using climbing plants for the fence structure in combination with shade trees created a green curtain not only protects for the project but also does not affect the old neighborhood. Long but narrow landscape area was also a difficulty for design because almost the space was used for traffic. Therefore, we created an open traffic route to create more playground, walkways and square when not in used. By experience and creativeness, Eden Landscape did not only overcome limitation of existing site but we also could apply impressive design solution to create a modern luxury landscape for the project.
Eden Landscape would like to bring a peaceful green life for residents of 60 Nguyen Duc Canh.


60 Nguyen Duc Canh


Ha Noi

6163 m2