Kim Long Ocean Thuan Phuoc

Eden Landscape together with the client desire to design the Kim Long Ocean Thuan Phuoc city becoming a tourism symbol of Da Nang which is an oasis paradise for residents and tourists all over the world.

Located at the most beautiful city of Viet Nam and having a perfect position with three seafronts, this is an advantage and also a challenge for Eden landscape to create landscape for the project. Using the inspiration from the ocean and materials of tropical land, Eden Landscape created Kim Long Ocean Thuan Phuoc city with an impressive and classy landscape design. That is the perfect combination of the unique architecture and the diversity of natural environment.

In the first phase of the project, Eden Landscape researched landscape design of commercial areas, condotels, motels and villas. Taking use of the advantage of seafronts, Eden landscape created a beautiful pedestrian street full of art connecting from the entrance gate to the shophouses, shopping centre and services area of the urban. In particular, at entrance gate, we created the diffrence for the project Unique shape of Dracaena Cinnabari pavilions have the strong tropical colors like yellow, red, orange as the warm reeting for urban residents and tourists. The Dracaena Cinnabari pavilions also layed as the outstanding landscape in tropical gardens that is located in residentials, supply for dwellers the luxurious and classy living space.

Kim Long ocean Thuan Phuoc city

Kim Long Nam Group

Da Nang

976.475 m2