Sapa Indochine International Hotel

Sa Pa is famous for its natural beauty which was an advantage but also a challenge for Eden Landscape when designing the landscape of Sapa Indochine International Hotel.

At that time, the biggest hotel in Lao Cai with unique architecture representing the waves of rice terraces, Sapa Indochine International Hotel was potential to become one of the most interesting destinations for Sa Pa tourist. Therefore, we considered that the landscape should be beautiful, impressive and in harmony with the architecture and the nature. Developed from the concept of our partner Land Sculptor, the landscape design of Sapa Indochine International Hotel was well completed by Eden Landscape. Based on the previous concept, there was some adjustment when applying the native factor into design, adjusting some architectural elements, using suitable-to-local-environment materials.

Eden Landscape not only brought up a beautiful and attractive landscape design but also desired to treasure and develop the native beauty of Sapa in designing landscape of Sapa Indochine International Hotel. That was truly Sapa!

Sapa Indochine International Hotel

Vietnam Investment Construction and Trading JSC

Lao Cai

7.252 m2