Sapa Muong Hoa

Sapa Muong Hoa is a high-tech agriculture and ecotourism project designed by Eden Landscape from master planning to landscape design. Located in beautiful Muong Hoa valley, the project was designed as special landmark which would be very attractive to tourists. When completed the project would promise be a new destination in Sapa.

The planning idea of Sapa Muong Hoa was inspired from ethnic traditional dress (Tho Cam), a typical costume in Sapa to create unique landscape with many colors, blowing up the vitality in mountainous area in the north-west. After studying the site, Eden Landscape came up with the solution of preserving existing rice terraces. And we took the advantage of terrain levels to design interesting landscape spaces; each level was colored with unique hue. Blue was the color of water. Green was the color of young rice, vegetable. Yellow was the color of ripe rice, mustard flowers, sunflowers…Purple was the color of lavender and tropical sage. Red was the color of rose, rosa multiflora, geraniums…They all blended together to create unique landscape design of a special tourist attraction composed from natural materials in mountain which could awaken the creativity of tourists when visiting this project.

The traffic system was organized along the existing terraces; in order to take advantage of stable old soil, minimize the impact on status of the project. All walking paths along the terrain were only 1m-1,2m and made of natural native stones. The colorful flower beds were planted seasonally making the poetry beauty of the walking paths where visitors could walk to attractions, check-ins, and sightseeing.

The attractions were designed with some landmark and a lot of decoration made from bamboo, wood and stone. They were put in order to help visitors step by step to explore the breathtaking beauty of Sapa Muong Hoa and bring them many levels of emotion.

Sapa Muong Hoa

An Truong Phu Limited Company

Lao Cai

5,3 ha