Times Square

The inspiration for the landscape design of Times Square is taken from Cham Pa flowers which is also known as “Đại” flowers. It appears in most of the equatorial tropical countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand… In Vietnam, Cham Pa flowers is growned in all provinces and cities. In the North, this flower is solemnly planted in temples and pagodas. In the South, it is growned in urban areas to make beautiful landscape. And in the Middle, Cham Pa flowers are used to remind us of Cham culture. Pure white flowers are familiar with Cham people and also the inspiration for traditional costumes of beautiful Cham Pa girls.

Eden Landscape architects used the sophistication of Cham Pa flowers to design the Cham Pa flower pavilions. Cham Pa petals are styled to create -an unique and impressive Cham Pa flower pavilions . Moreover, the pavilion can also well cover the sun to serve people who are shopping and entertaining… in the central square. In addition, we also carefully researched to make the project adapted to wind and storm in the middle region of Vietnam.

Besides central square, Eden Landscape architecture also design the relaxing coffee area, the sea view square, the green walking path,… which together with the main square satisfy people demand for enterntaiment and shopping. At the same time, the landscape also created a beautiful, modern, impressive and sustainable landscape for Times Square project and demonstrate the indigenous and spiritual culture of Da Nang people. When finished, Times Square is promising to be the trend of leading landscape project in the middle region.

Times Square

Kim Long Nam Group

Đa Nang

21 000 m2